Monday, February 25, 2019

Josh Marshall — Thinking about the Magical Elixir of MMT

I have no doubt that there are MMT advocates reading this now saying, no, you’re not getting what MMT says or you’re caricaturing it. Maybe. But what I’m able to speak to is how it is playing out in a political context. As Bruenig explains, if you want Northern European-style social democracy you’re going to need to have significantly or dramatically higher rates of taxation. And not only much higher rates on the uber wealthy but generally higher rates on a much broader range of the population.
Where's your model, or are you pulling this out of your …. Quoting opposing economists isn't going help by providing an argument from authority either. That's a logical fallacy. Show your work.

Another clueless progressive determined to lose. With a "left" like this, who needs enemies.

Talking Points Memo
Thinking about the Magical Elixir of MMT
Josh Marshall

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