Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Pepe Escobar — US elites remain incapable of understanding China

A new report on US policy toward China launched by the Asia Society in New York is another example of how supposedly bipartisan US intellectual elites, instead of offering impartial advice, do little more than parrot Washington’s talking points, failing to admit they know nothing of substance about the existential “threats” posed by Russia and China.
The report ‘Course Correction: Toward an Effective and Sustainable China Policy‘ was written in collaboration with the 21st Century Chinese Center at the University of California, San Diego. Orville Schell, one of the chairs of the Task Force Report, should be seen as one of the least biased among an uneven basket of self-declared US experts on China.…
Still, he frames the report as trying to find a way between “confronting China” and “accommodating China.”...
Passing more expert brain gas.

Asia Times
US elites remain incapable of understanding China
Pepe Escobar

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