Saturday, February 23, 2019

End of Unipolar Moment: Peter Lavelle Interviews Alastair Crooke

This is a good interview.

Alastair Crook says says how the U.S. is losing ground to Russia and China as these countries strive to improve their standard of living and so are catching up with the U.S. He says the U.S. is making a mistake thinking they can cripple these countries economically and military as this has never worked on the past.

Alastair Crooke says the U.S. is putting all its money into the military and turning its economy over to a war orientated one. That scam!

Just think if all those trillions were invested into new green technology instead, then the U.S could be world leaders for many decades to come. The project for a new American century should start at home, and then the U.S. could get off oil and not need to control the ME anymore.

Alastair says, that the West will portray the Russians and the Chinese as so incredibly evil they that even the liberals will be prepared to go to war with them. This made me think of WW2 where our enemies were said to be so despicably evil that hundreds of Quakers even left their gentle, pacifist religion to go and fight in the war.


Konrad said...

“Alastair Crooke says the U.S. is putting all its money into the military and turning its economy into a war orientated one.”

Tulsi Gabbard pretended to oppose this, until her true colors were exposed last Wednesday.

"The View" is a morning talk show on American TV that features women vilifying straight white men.

On 20 Feb 2019 Tulsi Gabbard joined these harpies, and was grilled by the depressingly obese Meghan McCain, the psychopath daughter of the late psychopath John McCain.

At 4:49 in the video below, the blimp-like McCain asserts that Assad gassed his own people three hundred times.

At 5:31 Tulsi Gabbard says, “There’s no disputing that Assad is a brutal dictator. There’s no disputing that he has used chemical and other weapons against his own people.”

Gabbard also said that US military attacks are often “begun and waged from a place of humanitarianism.”

Right there she ended her presidential ambitions. All her supporters have abandoned her, and all the warmongers are gloating. (I say this based in Twitter reactions.)

A couple of thoughts about this…

[1] If Tulsi cannot resist a nasty walrus like Meghan McCain, then Tulsi could never face the deep state, the corporate media outlets, the Pentagon, and the military security complex.

[2] Groveling gets you nowhere. It makes bullies attack you all the more. After Tulsi said those words, the harpy-witches on The View repeated them across Twitter. Now Tulsi will be forced to make further concessions. “Since you agree that Assad is an evil dictator, should the US allow him to continue gassing his own people?”

Furthermore Tulsi lost what few supporters she had.

Never apologize. Never grovel.

Jeremy Corbyn capitulated on the bogus “antisemitism” charges in order to appease his enemies in the UK. His surrender made his enemies triple their attacks.

Now that Tulsi has agreed that Assad is a “brutal dictator who gasses his own people,” the media will triple their attacks on her. “She loves Assad even though she agrees that Assad is a brutal dictator who gasses his own people!”

Never apologize. Never grovel. It gets you nothing but contempt.

[3] To be a politician, you must understand that most humans are morons who want to be abused, lied to, and impoverished. They form mindless mobs. Any concession to the mob makes them worse. However not all humans are morons. Tulsi greatly underestimated her number of supporters, and now she has lost them altogether, leaving only her enemies.

Never grovel. Never appease. It is always counterproductive. Also, never overestimate or underestimate the intelligence of the peasants.

[4] Tulsi was no loss to the world. She has always been pro-Israel, WHICH MAKES HER A SUPREME WARMONGER NO MATTER WHAT SHE SAYS. She co-sponsored H.Res.23 which reaffirms America’s commitment to Israel, and which condemns the BDS movement. She calls Israel a "democratic Jewish state,” even though Israel has 2.5 million non-Jews. From November 2014 to November 2016, Gabbard received $21,975 from pro-Israel groups. In 2015 she spoke at a conference for Christians United for Israel, which vehemently opposes Palestinian statehood, and which supports the expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Tulsi, we barely knew ye. You’re fine looking woman, but from now on the mute button will always be activated when you're on screen.

Below, she is seen on “The View.”

Skip to 5:31…

Konrad said...

“Alastair says that the West will portray the Russians and the Chinese as so incredibly evil they that even the liberals will be prepared to go to war with them.”

Liberals are already prepared to send people to war. (Not themselves, though.) Liberals constantly scream about Russia-gate, and privately yearn for nuclear annihilation in order to destroy “white privilege.” They howl for regime change in Venezuela.

“This made me think of WW2 where our enemies were said to be so despicably evil that hundreds of Quakers even left their gentle, pacifist religion to go and fight in the war.”

During World War One the propaganda effort was still clumsy. Therefore the US government shut down any newspaper that questioned the war effort, and imprisoned tens of thousands of US citizens who questioned the USA’s involvement in Europe.

Not all of the support for WW I was voluntary. In January 1916, after two years of war, the UK government started conscripting men to keep the trenches full of dead bodies. In 1917 the US government declared war, and immediately launched conscription (i.e. slavery).

During WW II the propaganda effort was easier, since it was a race war against the Japanese, plus a war to protect saintly Jews from diabolical Germany. Eventually the war ended against Japan, but the war against National Socialist Germany continues today, since the saintly Jews control so much of Western society.

When war fever hits, the masses become lemmings (as long as the lemmings don’t have to personally deal with the consequences). We see this now with the global campaign for regime change in Venezuela.

Note that in WW I, women (especially those in church groups) were not quite as supportive of war as were men, but women in the suffrage movements cheered the slaughter, asking for the vote as a reward for women’s support for male extermination.

Today, church groups are even more warlike than is the general population, and women run 80% of U.S. weapons makers, while they continue to complain about “male privilege.”

Kaivey said...

I saw this disturbing film once of WW1. There were these pacifists in church which they had boarded up. There was a crowd outside the church going mad breaking into it ripping the boards off. They were so angry that who knows what they did to the men inside when they got them.

The enemy was made out to be so evil that you had to be evil not to go to war with them.

The elite seem to get away with the most blatant lies. Look at Venezuela? An open grab for the oil.

Konrad said...

A YouTube video showed a segment from the movie Joyeux Noel” (2005) about the infamous Christmas truce between British and German forces early in WW I.

The segment so powerfully illustrated the madness of war that YouTube purged the video.

In the horrific purged segment, a British Bishop tells soldiers why God commands them to slaughter every last German, including women and children.

“Christ our Lord said, ‘Think not that I come to bring peace on earth. I come not to bring peace, but a sword.’ The Gospel according to St. Matthew. Well, my brethren, the sword of the Lord is in your hands. You are the very defenders of civilization itself; the forces of good against the forces of evil. For this war is indeed a crusade! It is a holy war to save the freedom of the world. In truth I tell you: the Germans do not act like us, neither do they think like us, for they are not, like us, children of God. Are those who shell cities populated only by civilians the children of God? Are those who advance while hiding behind women and children the children of God? With God's help, you must kill the Germans, good or bad, young or old. Kill every one of them so that it won't have to be done again. The Lord be with you.”

(“And also with you.”)

Of course, German pastors said the exact same thing to German troops.

More recently, movie director Peter Jackson is making waves with a new documentary about WW I, titled They Shall Not Grow Old.

Jackson’s movie so sanitizes and glorifies the British experience of WW I that the movie was nominated for best documentary at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) ceremony on 10 Feb 2019.

Konrad said...

“The elite seem to get away with the most blatant lies. Look at Venezuela.” ~ Kaivey

This happens because the peasantry insists on misery from birth to death. At the same time, however, the peasants grow tired of wallowing in squalor and poverty, caused by themselves.

When elitists declare war, the peasants join the mob in order to briefly feel empowered.

For a fleeting moment they imagine themselves no longer scum. They fancy themselves no longer pieces of excrement, but part of the “in crowd.” They become “patriots” (i.e. members of the mindless herd). They briefly taste “freedom” as they are stampeded to the slaughterhouse.

When you point out their lies, evil, and hypocrisy, you rob the peasants of their wretched little fantasy. Hence they erupt in rage.

That’s why the elites control them. The peasants want to be controlled.

Kaivey said...

Suzuki and other Buddhist masters blessed the Kamikaze pilots too.

People may be clever with their maths, art, and science, but too many people remain stupid.