Sunday, January 19, 2020

A 97-Year-Old Philosopher Faces His Own Death

This was a very difficult video to watch, which I thought it was going to be deeply spiritual, but it wasn't really like that at all, although it was very profound.

I was going to write a summary of the video, like I often do for those who don't time to watch, but I realised I would spoil it. I'll just say it's incredibly sad and shows how difficult life can be, especially at the end.

It was very sad when Herbert Fingarette spoke about his late wife, and it was very sad when he was in the garden looking at the flowers. It's a sad film.

Life is wonderful and it seems such an affront that we have to lose it. This video captures that sadness so profoundly. Although not the cheeriest of videos, it also captures the beauty of life and why it's so special, which I think is the reason why I posted it.

Herbert Fingarette once argued that there was no reason to fear death. At 97, his own mortality began to haunt him, and he had to rethink everything. 



Peter Pan said...

I intend to commit suicide before losing that amount of mobility. If I can't go for walks in the wilderness, it is checkout time.
I fear a relatively painless death a lot less than a painful one.

jrbarch said...

Yes. If Herbert had showed that little video to his philosophy students - first lesson - there would be very little left to say (about philosophy – not to mention economics, politics and religion). But not so existence.

When the heart is full, overflowing with gratitude, there is appreciation. An unconditional, living love. An energy – just as real as the rays of the sun!

And please take note: - this is regardless of the events happening in the world; or your life. I know a lot of people will not understand that. It is far more powerful. You are far greater than the sum of all of your problems.

But there are no two ways about it: - you have to know the secret of your own heart. That’s what he was missing. His wife lived on in his heart – she was not absent. What was missing was KNOWING his essence. He did not fully understand or appreciate his loneliness. A human will miss another human, but the heart has a thirst for only one thing – what gave it its existence. That is why he did not know who he was; and confused the two. He was just like most people. He thought the answer was in his mind when from the day humanity came into existence, it has been in the heart.

For me, he was very much alive (at the time) and obviously lives on in the heart of his grandson. He had the courage, the wisdom, to live. To enquire up to the very last breath; to listen to the thirst inside of him. A beautiful man.

From my diary:

"All being emanates from one Universal Energy: - that is, all of Life, all of Consciousness, all of Form. Everything in human society, the world views of men - are a tiny droplet of dreams that must one day awaken to a very large Ocean of Reality! A wise man exists, but is not focused in the world; seeking to KNOW at the very least - in addition to the worldly knowledge he needs to survive - something of the Nature of which he is a part. He begins by knowing the Self that gave him his existence - the feeling within; a Presence. In the measure of its light, he examines his world, himself, and the minute role he plays. In that unfolding experience, his universe evolves, and he along with it: - his heart knows joy, peace - a little knowledge and clarity arise from within; a place of calm is created and a safe-haven from the storms!"

What Herbert sought was within him all of the time. It is far older than humanity. It comes to us on the Breath. It leaves on the Breath. We know everything about everything else, except for what is keeping us alive... I don’t think there has ever been a time, in human history, when we did not need it more (the ‘sapiens’ in homo sapiens).

Matt Franko said...

bob perhaps consider golf... we have carts for when you get older... its still outside...

Andrew Anderson said...

Life is wonderful and it seems such an affront that we have to lose it. kv

Shortest verse in the Bible: John 11:35

Btw, if you can't believe the Bible, including the Old Testament, the reason is that you haven't read it enough.

jrbarch said...

... believing is fine; anyone can believe in anything they want. Your mind is your own real estate and no one else's business. But don't discount the possibility, that like Herbert (a very honest man), faith only gets you so far, and a day may come when you may want to know. That day, the possibility of going inside may begin to make a lot of sense: - a human thing, and not a trivial thing.

Andrew Anderson said...

I looked inside until I was ~45 and finally came to this conclusion: the TRUTH ain't there!

From then on I started looking outside of me.

It's true that humans are not trivial which is why our Creator did not leave us entirely in the dark but has spoken to us through Scripture.

If you want to KNOW then decide what Scripture is (to me it's obviously the Bible), read it, and meditate on it.

Otherwise be warned by this:

The Lord knows the thoughts of men, that they are vain. Psalm 94:11

jrbarch said...

Well, if you ever end up where Herbert found himself - many people do - 'what you are looking for is within' still holds true for millions of us on this planet. Some because they believe that; some because through daily experience, they actually know. Maybe you were just looking in the wrong direction; or no one was there to show you how; or had a concept ...? Everything has a season. It's your life; your existence: - live it as you will and enjoy. Listen to your heart. Somehow, it always knows, far more than we do. Am saying you only change when you need to - it unfolds from inside. It often surprises us! No one else's business...