Saturday, January 18, 2020

Eric Margolis - Ike Was Right

Another really good article looking at the ludicrous amount of money the US spends on the military. Go into the Pentagon and it's so busy it's like a war is always going on.

The combined US intelligence budget of some $80 billion is larger than Russia’s total military budget of $63 billion. 

Today’s Republican Party is a collection of rural interests from flyover country, handmaidens of the military industrial complex and, most important, militant evangelical Christians who see the world through the spectrum of the Old Testament. Israel’s far right has come to dominate American evangelists by selling them a bill of goods about the End of Days and the Messiah’s return. Many of these rubes see Trump as a quasi-religious figure.

Mix the religious cultists – about 25% of the US population – with the farm and Israel lobbies and the mighty military industrial complex and no wonder the United States has veered off into the deep waters of irrationality and crusading ardor. The US can still afford such bizarre behavior thanks to its riches, magic green dollar, endless supply of credit and a poorly educated, apathetic public too besotted by sports and TV sitcoms to understand what’s going on abroad.

The Unz Review 

Eric Margolis - Ike Was Right


Matt Franko said...

“militant evangelical Christians who see the world through the spectrum of the Old Testament.”

If that one is ever shown to be false there’s going to be A ... LOT.... of dead humans as a result....

Peter Pan said...

Didn't listen to Ike, and won't listen to Tulsi.