Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Matthew Goodwin: Why Labour Lost the Election

Mathew Goodwin is a Professor of Politics at Kent University UK, and here he talks to the conservative TRIGGERnomentry blog about why the British Labour Party lost the general election. It's a tough listen for liberals like me, but these things need to be faced. Mathew Goodwin is slightly left leaning, especially on economics, but he may be more socially conservative than I am.

As you may know, I have often said that I don't like extreme immigration which causes traditional culture to be changed too quickly, but just the same, the working class socially conservative mind-set is not something I care for all that much. 

What's interesting is that Mathew Goodwin says how the diehard liberal lefties view the socially conservative working class as bigoted racists, and sometimes even as white supremacists, which is an extreme prejudice in itself, so, no wonder the working class don't like Labour all that much anymore when they are being treated as diplorables. 

I have often said that on the whole, the white British people are not particularly racist, and are in fact, very tolerant and easy going about multiculturalism, as long as it doesn't take over their culture entirely, because, like me, they want to have a place they recognise as their home, and to be with people who they feel share their core values. I think this is a human need that extreme liberals just arrogantly walk all over. In this way, these liberals are like the intolerant fundamentalists they say they despise.

Mathew Goodwin says how for the working class their social values were more important to them than economic ones, and so the Conservatives won the election. 


Ralph Musgrave said...

“I don't like extreme immigration which causes traditional culture to be changed too quickly…”. So Prof Goodwin thinks there are big benefits in turning the UK into something resembling the Islamic part of Nigeria long as that doesn’t happen “too quickly”.

Perhaps this idiot professor can explain why not one in ten thousand members of the political left choose to migrate to the Islamic part of Nigeria so as to enjoy its alleged benefits.

You have to wonder who has the real brains: university professors or members of the working class.

Kaivey said...

Did you listen to Podcast? He agrees with you.

Kaivey said...

I think Matthew Goodwin is a conservative.

MG Tweet.

Big increase in infrastructure spending, state aid for failing firm, renationalising rail & levelling up agenda combined with tough new measures on Islamists & migration reform. In past fortnight Boris Johnson leaned left on economy & right on culture ... the new winning formula

Peter Pan said...

So there's actually more substance with Boris, than with Trump.

Unknown said...

The UK is a tighter culture than the US. So the real interest lies in why this is so.

Peter Pan said...

The US is a nation of immigrants. Europe is the opposite; it produces emigrants.