Thursday, January 30, 2020

Nordstrom Selling Used Clothes

I guess the Clueless Hedge people never think that maybe the Millennials value thrift and largely don't like to see all the waste and garbage...  we throw out half of our food too... sheesh..

Hey clueless hedge ever hear of E-Bay???

Here are some Millennial-type videos out there that have lots of hits where Millennials are repairing and restoring older/used original high quality materials:


Butcher knives:

Old scooter:

There are all sorts of restoration videos out there...

Top TV show on all television is 'Fixer Upper' on HGTV over 4 million viewers for crying out loud:

Maybe this is just what Millennials are into... gee sorry Madison Avenue... they just don't throw stuff out in garbage if they see some value there... why would Nordstrom ignore that?

Nicky Hilton wearing $75 vintage.... please...:

This is what they are into...

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