Saturday, January 25, 2020

Andrew Austin - How I See The US After Living In Sweden For 6 Years

Andrew Austin takes a non-partisan look at Sweden and much prefers it to the US. The pace of life is slower in Sweden with much lower stress levels. In the US everyone is rushing about all the time, he says.

In Sweden he says how people love to sit in coffea bars and socialise, but in America he would be drinking his coffea while driving to work.

As Andrew Austin is non-partisan so he then says what he likes about America, and he adds how great it would be if the Amazon model was applied to everything, including healthcare. But that means more stress and that people wouldn't have earn enough money to drive the economy. I think he's just trying his best to be balanced here, because he much prefers the Swedish model.

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Ryan Harris said...

Sweden has an extreme problem with tax havens. Note their currency over the last decade has more than halved compared to peers. Their rich are doing extraordinary while the purchasing power of their ordinary people wage earning are plummetting. The culture of Elitism which Kaivey, albeit unwittingly, champions is an affront to the dignity and well being of humans. The official statistics don't show wealth disparity because the wealth isn't held in sweden. More taxes won't right the ship. Tight labor markets will. Fiscal spending will. Wage inflation will.