Thursday, January 23, 2020

Links — 23 Jan 2020

Putin Has Deprived the Children of the Elite of Their Political Future
Marko Marjanović


Elijah J. Magnier
Iran is ready to attack again: Will the US forces withdraw from Iraq?

Indian Punchline
US plotting return of ‘strongman’ in Iraq
M. K. Bhadrakumar | retired diplomat with the Indian Foreign Service

Fast Company
Doomsday Clock scientists are so freaked out, they adjusted the countdown to seconds rather than minutes
Arianne Cohen

Fort Russ News (I have been saying for some time that Poklonskaya is a woman to watch. Star material. So is Gritter. The 21st century is going to be the woman's century.)

SouthFront (Who has the most to gain, and lose, in assassinations and targeted killings? Dangerous game for the Empire to be playing when it's Americans who are exposed around the world. This is a time-honored what of driving back empires.)
United States Officially Threatens To Assassinate New Leader Of Iranian Quds Force

Sputnik International (ROFLMAO. Conventional economics has as run up inequality to obscene levels and threatens the planet with climate destruction by ignoring negative externality. The result is lack of true price in markets that vitiates economic calculation. Good work, guys, and, yes, you are just about all guys. Clueless or compromised?)
'Is She the Chief Economist?': Mnuchin Tells Greta Thunberg to Go Study Economics in College

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