Friday, January 31, 2020

They Begin To Suspect Something — Andrei Martyanov

Now Russia's main strategic secret is out and some more-or-less competent observations are being made. About time. Of course people in Financial Times do not understand the real size and scale of Russian economy and repeat same ol' monetarist BS (accidentally, responsible for driving US and UK's economies into the ground) that Russian economy's size is $1.7 trillion, but let's forgive victims of Wall Street make believe world of virtual, zero value added, FIRE economics, and concentrate on what this establishment rag got right about Russia....
Far from destroying the Russian economy as expected and intended, the reverse has happened. For one thing, Russia cured itself of "Dutch disease" resulting from being "just a gas station" (John McCain). And that is only the beginning of the story. Andrei Martyanov hits some of the highlights.

And all this without mentioning the defense industry playing catch-up and surpassing Western military technology in strategic areas.

Reminiscence of the Future
They Begin To Suspect Something.
Andrei Martyanov

See also
Of why Putin already is in Russian history together with Peter, Katherine, Lenin, Stalin. This video, of the city of Krasnoyarsk is made in the mode "What is was--What it is now" shows an absolutely mind-boggling progress of Russia of 2002 to Russia of 2019. It is a superb video, authors did an extraordinary job and it shows, dramatically, what hole Putin and his people dug Russia from when came to power in 2000. What was done in 17 years is stunning. Russian people, with the exception of some young and stupid urbamites, and, of course, liberda, know this. They also feel pride for their country. Immense pride, I know, I saw and experienced it myself when visiting Russia. Enjoy.
One Of The Most Stunning Proofs...

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