Wednesday, January 29, 2020

By Wire News - Revealed: How the Media Rigged the General Election

A study from Loughborough University has shone a light on how the media joined together to rig the election in favour of Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party, and against Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn and his backers in the Labour Party got a lot of criticism for losing the election. They criticised Corbyn as a person, his policies, the way they were presented, as well as his 'Identity Politics' supporters.

Jeremy Corbyn’s critics also said the traditional working class Labour voters deserted the party in droves because it had shifted too far to the left, but Corbyn's policies were economically sound and were no more left than those that have been applied in Scandinavia.

Thought experiment: if the Establishment wanted Jeremy to win he would have won with flying colours.

Negative coverage

The details of this report are damning. Loughborough’s research highlights a surge in negative coverage of the Labour party, particularly at the end of the campaign. This was hardly, ‘business as usual’. In 2019 press hostility to Labour was double that of the 2017 campaign. Meanwhile negative coverage of the Conservatives halved. 

The disparity widened as the election entered its final stretch. The final week of the campaign saw hostility to Labour go into overdrive. Coverage of Labour and other opposition parties became increasingly hostile while also becoming more friendly towards the Conservatives.


Matt Franko said...

This is just the usual sour grapes from the left...

When they lose they say it’s all a big conspiracy theory... there isn’t democracy...etc...

Hey How about go get a winning plan together for next time? Ever think the left is Incompetent at running anything?

Unknown said...

News today Corbyn saying he'll shed no tears on the UK leaving the EU. All suggests the Marxist Debating Society under Corbyn (formerly the Labour Party) decided the best way to disguise its hatred for the EU would be for Jeremy to put on a strait-jacket!

S400 said...

”usual sour grapes”

Oh the sour grapes the Republicans and right wing nutters deliver even when they got the power. They can’t stop complaining about unfair biased everything is And how the left influence and indoctrinate people. The whole school system is one big sour right wing grape filled with all these lefties Buhu.