Saturday, January 25, 2020

KV vs Tony Heller - Climate Change Debate - Twitter Part 1

I had a debate with Tony Heller today on twitter. He didn't debate with me for long, although his followers did - all afternoon!

I will write a more detailed report about it one day because I think I did manage to exposed their conspiracy theory for what it is.

Tony Heller Tweet

With record cold in Alaska, rain in Australia, and normal sea ice extent,, where will the climate clown show move next? 

My tweet
Alaska needs several -40°F to -60°F outbreaks to have a normal winter — not one outbreak every few years
The Washington Post
Alaska to plummet to minus-50 degrees but is still a ‘near lock’ to see its warmest year on record
Tony Heller
Alaska is having one of their coldest years on record. 

My Tweet

That just a 10-day weather forecast! 

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