Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Jeffrey Sachs Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

The times are changing. Maybe MMT next?

“We need to get our country back on track, and Bernie is the leader to do it. Bernie refuses to give in to the big money and corporate power.” -Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University professor and U.N. adviser
We're going to win this election and transform the country, but we can't do it alone. The way we win is person-to-person contact, knocking on doors and making the case for people to get out to vote. Are you in?


Matt Franko said...

Kevin do you realize you say in your immediate next post “ Russians thought that they could be as rich as the Americans within a year if they listened to the US neoliberal economists”

Do you realize that Sachs was one of the most prominent of those economists?..

Do you know what a hypocrite is?

Ever hear of that word?

Matt Franko said...


Matt Franko said...

So what is going on the MMT people were all sent out of the country for a month (to shut them up?) and now the "neoliberals!" have infiltrated the Bernie campaign and Bernie is finally up in the polls???

Kaivey said...

Yes, I know. This world is complicated.