Saturday, November 26, 2011

The 1%'s answer to the 99%'ers — capital strike?

On September 15, House Speaker John Boehner announced that the nation’s “job creators” — a flattering euphemism for “business owners” — were on strike. This was the proximate cause of the nation’s unemployment woes, Boehner maintained. Until those business owners received the low-tax, deregulated world they wanted, they would continue to keep their wallets in their pockets.
Boehner is not the first to imagine a strike by society’s well-to-do, but he is certainly the first conservative political leader to make a formal statement on the matter. In times past, a “capital strike” was a thing to deplore, not something to be announced proudly with the obvious expectation that the world would promptly surrender to capital’s demands. But times have changed.
Herewith, a brief history of the capital strike....
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by Thomas Frank

You probably saw this reported last week:
A west Georgia business owner has been deluged with calls and emails after posting signs on his company's trucks that say he's not hiring anyone until President Barack Obama leaves office.
Bill Looman, Georgia Business Owner, Draws Fire For 'Not Hiring Until Obama Is Gone'

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googleheim said...

job creators = they outsource the pepper spraying to the police and / or sell the pepper spray to those who visit black friday store sales ???