Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bottom not in on housing

Prices are now falling again, and the Case-Shiller Composite 20 (SA) hit a new post-bubble low.
Read the whole thing at Calculated Risk

Case Shiller: Home Prices decline in September


Fitch: Foreclosure rates are now twice last year's
by The Associated Press via Bloomberg Business Week
Foreclosures on delinquent U.S. mortgages have almost doubled from this time last year, according to the latest reading from Fitch Ratings.
The higher foreclosure rates mean U.S. housing prices will probably fall another 10 percent before stabilizing, the ratings agency said Monday.

Calculated Risk looks at housing in real terms.

Real House Prices and House Price-to-Rent
In real terms - and as a price-to-rent ratio - prices are mostly back to 2000 levels and will probably be back to 1999 levels in the next few months.

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