Monday, November 21, 2011

Just what the doctor ordered for Spain?

Further hardship lies ahead, with PP leader Mariano Rajoy committed to bringing in even harsher austerity measures to appease financial markets....
Spaniards are now resigned to further cuts, including in health and education, in the midst of the wider European crisis that has pushed Spain’s borrowing costs to critical levels....
“From a market standpoint, an absolute majority for the PP is just what the doctor ordered. Mr. Rajoy will have a freer hand than his predecessor in that he will no longer be dependent on the support of the Catalans and the Basques to govern,” said Nicholas Spiro, managing director of Spiro Sovereign Strategy in London. (emphasis added)
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Spanish conservatives win in landslide, promise more austerity

Another EZ basket case. Down for the count.

Meanwhile in Egypt:

Extreme violence as Egypt cracks down on protests
by Muriel Kane


Anonymous said...

As long as very serious economists unanimously insist upon continuing a course of action, politicians are encouraged to believe that that must be the only course of action. In a way, this is a variation of the Milgaard Experiment.

Ryan Harris said...

Euro Members are contemplating life after the Euro currency