Monday, November 21, 2011

Corporate charter school model rockets

The issue here seems to be successful outcomes based on selection (culling). The charge is that public education is the same for all and does not operate on selection in of the better student and selection out of the others.

This is an important consideration that is worthy of public debate. Should better student be given the advantage of a better education, or should all student go through the same process?

Presently, selection is based on money and class. People that can afford to send their children to private school often choose this option, and parents who went through private education are likely to send their children to the same schools. This creates a social divide that is not widely recognized in the US, but it is in the UK, where type of education is closely associate with class structure.

The corporate charter school model may bring selection based on merit (although proponents apparently deny this is happening). Culling this a step forward, or not?

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A Retro-Rocketship to the Future: Corporate Education Reform Blasts Off in Silicon Valley
by Adam Bessie


Anonymous said...

The RSA animation posted earlier suggests this is not a good idea. The criteria used by modern education to segregate learners is harmful to learning.

wilwon32 said...

The point indicated in the cartoon:

'I must not question corporate rule'

seems to sum up the charter school concept properly. Who better to fund Rocketship than corporate monopolist Wm Gates?