Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy the police state

Maybe it’s time to Occupy more than Wall Street. I mean, I see that it’s all wound together. I really do appreciate the focus on crony capitalism and the revolving door between Washington D.C. and Wall Street. But the increasingly scary portrait of an ever more powerful, unhampered system of law enforcement really does worry me. These incidents illustrate why it should worry everyone, regardless of your class or political stripe.
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Maybe It's Time to Occupy the Police State
by E.D. Kain


Mario said...

tom first off THANK YOU for posting all of these articles and updates on these terrible tragedies. you have helped me stay on top of these events before every person I've met and know personally. Awesome.

I am requesting, if I may, that you post this article as well in light of the UC Davis.

I think it is searing and all too accurate and also holds an alarmingly high altitude on the issues at hand here.

Check it out and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Krugman should come down from his Darkly Devious Ivory Tower and crack some heads, but then he might break a finger nail, poor dear. LOL! How about the fat pig Mike Moore comes out of his mansion long enough to quit eatings for 15 minutes thereby reducing world hunger in many orders of magnitude?

Anonymous said...

Read Acting man Blog and get a fucking clue concerning history Krugmanite!!

El Viejo said...

And on the lighter side:

Tom Hickey said...

@ Mario


Mario said...

awesome Tom. Glad you liked it too.

@El Viejo

funny b/c I noticed yesterday that the New York Post's Sunday Cover said "Occupy Wall Suite: how some occupiers spent $700/night at a W hotel"

Interesting I thought how this is coming out now only a few days after that lobbying letter was leaked stating their intentions to attempt to undermine the financing side of the movement (pickpockets can only see pickpockets and financiers can only think of financing! LOL).