Saturday, November 26, 2011

Naomi Wolf picks up where Naomi Klein left off

Naomi Wolf on the next iteration of Naomi's Klein's exposé of disaster capitalism. Now it's on steroids as it comes home to roost in the US after having been tested and improved abroad. What did you think that the Patriot Act, DHS, and militarizing the police were for anyway? Fighting terrorists in Peoria?

Read the whole post at The Guardian (UK)
The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy
by Naomi Wolf
(h/t  wilwon32 in the comments)

It's clear from the comments at The Guardian that this suppression of first amendment rights is trashing US moral authority abroad and showing up the US as a hypocritical rogue state that doesn't practice what it preaches and violates its own ideals as it finds convenient. This is going to have international repercussions for a long while.

UPDATE: The other side of the story from an OWS supporter

Naomi Wolf’s ‘Shocking Truth’ About the ‘Occupy Crackdowns’ Offers Anything but the Truth
When you don’t “connect” wholly disparate “dots,” what you get is far less dramatic. Mayors in a handful of cities, responding to local political pressures, decided to break up their local occupations — decisions that were announced to the press well in advance — and were advised as to how best to do so.


Ryan Harris said...

Maybe it is time to have congressional hearings about dismantling the DHS in its current form.

Tom Hickey said...

@ TB

The Patriot Act, DHS, total information (surveillance state) have accomplished what the terrorists could never have in "attacking our freedoms" as W put it. They have turned the US into a neo-fascistic police state.

Ryan Harris said...

agree and IMO the security is impairing the critical reforms of our political system. In the very long term, these incremental changes brought about by protests strengthen the system. Antiwar, civil rights, hoovervilles come to mind.

Tom Hickey said...

@ TB

That's a large part of what the US Constitution and Bill of Rights are about, after all.

googleheim said...

The problem with Naomi Klein
is that she accepted an award from RAN who support celebrity parties including Ms Klein which celebrate Rainforest Action Network's seal of approval to logging companies who destroy primary forrests not the forrest farms.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like some of you are coming around to my viewpoint. I used to be called a crackpot for voicing just these concerns over the last decade. I'm glad some of you are now paying closer attention.

I learned a long time ago that not only an I not the government, it doesn't represent me.

What we have isn't free market capitalism in the west. We have a toxic cocktail of corporatism and socialism.

Some of you might have noticed that the technocrats (read: bankers--especially Golman Sachs)have been given power in Greece and Italy.

I don't agree with many of the demands of the OWS crowd. I think most to be economically illiterate. However, it's obvious that once the government figured out that this disparate collectiion of individuals couldn't be so easily co-opted (a la the Tea party), the crackdown began.

In my home state of Tennessee (I reside in AZ. presently) they TSA has rolled out a military program on the highways in that state fittingly titled with a military acronym--VIPER.

It's sad that it took a crackdown on group that many of you are sympatico with in order to see this.

The paper currency systems are collapsing. They are scrambled behind the scenes in order to craft something to replace it.

Meanwhile, the best practitioners of this corrupt paper currency/central bank/artificially low planned interest rates system are going to get in a few more licks. See Jon Corzine at MF Global. See Soros, Buffet, Goldman, J.P Morgan, and their european counterparts.

There will be a major collapse soon. A run on J.P. Morgan may trigger it. Maybe interest rates spike? I don't think they can keep this crackpot, corrupt system together much longer.