Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FYI — Important discussion of MMT at Winterspeak's

To Read:

The run up is here in the comments.


paul meli said...

This is also interesting:

They are asking for economists to sign up…

Matt Franko said...


I got it! Lavoie is "Anon".... huh?... huh? ;)

Good stuff all around over there, edifying....(Google Blogger may start having to charge Winter a fee!)

I'm going to try to look into this "who owns the Fed" thing....


beowulf said...

Who owns the Fed, seriously?
Here's the tell, look at its internet domain suffix...or just read how it describes itself.

The Federal Reserve, like many other central banks, is an independent government agency but also one that is ultimately accountable to the public and the Congress

Its a part of the government! But as I've mentioned, oh, 6,000 times the structural flaw here is a Supreme Court decision that allows for executive branch agencies that don't report to the President... the courts are slowly shifting to tossing that precedent out.

STF said...

Thank you, Beowulf!