Thursday, November 24, 2011

Time for someone to start a pawn shop franchise?

Pawn shops are beckoning from the shadows.
At a time when banks have shut their doors on those with bad credit, a growing number of borrowers are pawning their jewelry, electronics and other valuables to make ends meet.
Consumer advocates say the development is concerning because the interest rates on loans from pawn shops can be as high as 20 percent a month. But pawn shop operators say they provide a critical lifeline to a group with few other options.
"It's a short-term loan – it's designed to bail someone out and be done with it," said Ed Bean, who owns Suffolk Jewelry & Pawnbrokers in Boston....
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by Candice Choi

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Jojo P. said...

Pawnshop business now a days are rampant in our place due to economic crisis. Easy way to get money during emergency cases.

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