Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yield on the 5 year breaks 1% for first time

Read it at Zero Hedge

$35 Billion In 5 Year Bonds Price Below 1% For First Time Ever

Sure sign that hyperinflation is just around the corner, right?


Carlos said...

Hyperinflation.........Hardy hardy hardy ha ha ha ha

That thinking is so passé.

Tom Hickey said...

@ Andrew

That thinking is so passé.

Not at ZH. They spin everything as hyperinflationary.

I'll be interested to see how they spin this.

Anonymous said...

Is the bet still on between Mike and WWS?

mike norman said...


As far as I know, it is. ;)

mike norman said...

And that deficit is REALLY a big problem, isn't it? Rates are spiking.

How do these guys have any credibility whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

maybe you think you are right today..... time will tell