Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Koch Bros tipped off to MF Global problems, quietly pull accounts before anyone else could

Oil trader, Dan Dicker, writes on Huffpo that the Koch Brothers pulled money out of MF Global back in August, well before MF Global's problems were known. Dicker suggests the Koch's got tipped off.

Koch Bros and their "crony capitalist" empire continues to run wild!

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SchittReport said...

if anything, this proves how poorly MF Global was run. everybody knows that the koch brothers are scrooges and that saving their money will not translate into any benefits for those who tipped them off.

if this was at goldman or morgan, they would come up with an elaborate scheme to entice the koch brothers to invest and buy their shares (or even better CDS) - right before the whole thing implodes.

ask joseph lewis (7% bear stearns) or sean quinn (anglo irish) how they got skinned.