Saturday, February 2, 2019

Will boycotting Israel become illegal?

'They hate us because American people had freedom', said Bush, but soon you might be allowed to boycott Israel.

The US Senate has advanced a bill that would criminalize boycotting Israeli productThe US Senate has advanced a bill that would criminalize boycotting Israeli products, known as the BDS movement. Israeli human rights activist and author Miko Peled discusses the series of anti-BDS bills introduced within the past few years and why he thinks Americans should have the right to boycott Israel.


Andrew Anderson said...

Of course a ban on boycotts violates the 1st Amendment but special privileges for the banks violates equal protection under the law, the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.

So why is the former wrong but the later OK, KV?

Because you think that's the only way you can get a cheap loan? By stealing from your poorer neighbors? The less so-called "credit worthy" of what is, in essence, the public's credit but for private gain?

Konrad said...

Non-sensical as always.

Konrad said...

The Senate bill (S.1) does not directly outlaw BDS. It protects US states from being challenged on Constitutional grounds when states outlaw BDS. For example, Kansas and Arizona outlawed BDS, but this was overturned in court as unconstitutional.

S.1 will also give another $31 billion to Israelis so they can continue their atrocities. (And no one ever asks, “How will you pay for it?”) S.1 will also dramatically increase sanctions against Syria

Sen. Marco Rubio introduced this bill on 3 Jan 2019 because his state of Florida crawls with Jews. (Rubio is also leading the charge against Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro in Congress.)

There have been three votes to achieve “cloture,” which would end debate so the bill could be sent to the Senate floor for a final vote. Jan. 8, 10, and 14. All three have failed to get the required 60 votes. All Senate Republicans favor it except Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. All Democrats oppose it except for three or four.

Some Jews oppose it (e.g. Bernie Sanders and Diane Feinstein) because they fear the bill is a bridge too far for Israel. That is, the bill so blatantly violates the U.S. Constitution that it might conceivably awaken the Goy host to the Israeli parasite. These Democrat Jews have voted against cloture all three times. Surprisingly, so has Kamala Harris, who is normally pro-Israel.

Israel is obsessed with BDS because BDS is the only thing that Israel fears. BDS means the Goy host is starting to reject its Israeli parasite.

Democrats are trying to avoid voting for cloture, because the bill would then move to the Senate floor, where Democrats would have to vote yes, since no one in Congress dares vote directly against Israeli interests. Democrat failure to vote for the bill is called a filibuster.

Rubio and his Jewish handlers will keep pushing the bill relentlessly until the US Senate submits. Then the bill will go to the House for approval, and then to Trump for his signature.

The RT host asks why Israel is able to control the USA. Her guest says it’s because Israel has many lobbies. That’s true, but more fundamentally, 99.9% of Jews are united for Israel, and against the hated Goyim. There are a handful of exceptions, but not enough to make any difference.

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro has no relations with Israel, which is another reason why Maduro must go. Meanwhile his oligarch opposition loves Israel.

The RT guest notes that last Sunday (27 Jan 2019) the International Paralympic Committee in London banned Malaysia from hosting the World Para Swimming Championships (scheduled for 29 July to 4 Aug 2019) because Malaysia would not allow Israelis to compete. The tournament is held every two years.

This was no surprise, since Malaysia does not allow any Israelis on its soil ever. Nor does Malaysia allow its citizens to visit Israel. If you return to Malaysia with an Israeli visa stamped on your passport, you go to prison.

The Jews in London who control the IPC knew this, but they were curious to see if Malaysia would continue to oppose Israeli evil. They got their answer.

Andrew Anderson said...

Non-sensical as always. Konrad

Says a man whom Ralph Musgrave had to correct with regard to deficit spending.

Your knowledge is broad but your understanding is quite shallow, Konrad.

Best you not criticize what you can't understand, then?

Konrad said...

I don't know what you're talking about regarding Ralph Musgrave, but I commend your insult.

It's the first time I've ever seen you write intelligibly.

I'd recommend that you keep it up, but I know that with you it's futile. You will return to disjointed gibberish with your next comment.

Noah Way said...

You think the constitution actually means something?

The 14th Amendment is - like the 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, and 15th - null and void.