Monday, January 13, 2020

Links — 13 Jan 2020

Sputnik International ("our oil")
‘The Only Troops I Have are Taking the Oil’: Watch Trump Double Down on Pledge to Steal Syria’s Oil

Zero Hedge (well, maybe "rents" rather than "sells")
"He Sells Troops" - Amash Blasts Trump's Boast That Saudis Paying $1BN For Protection
Tyler Durden

The Vineyard of the Saker (he needs help?)
Tulsi Gabbard – Trump disgraces our military
The Saker

Anti-War (duh)
Pompeo: Killing Soleimani Part of a ‘Broader Strategy’ Applying to China, Russia
Jason Ditz

The Guardian (marching on the world)
Pompeo says killing of Suleimani is part of 'bigger strategy' to deter US foes

Breitbart (The US declared the Republican Guards of which Soleimani was head a terrorist organization. Iran just declared the US military that assassinated Soleimani a terrorist organization.)
AG William Barr Backs Soleimani Strike: ‘He Was the Head of a Terrorist Organization’

Zero Hedge (some people in a position to know about forthcoming investment)
97% of CFOs Believe A Recession Is Coming In 2020, Survey

As Trump Threatens Tehran Over Censorship, Facebook's Thought-Police Censor Pro-Iran Posts
Mac Slavo via

Zero Hedge
12 Signs That The Economy Is Seriously Slowing Down As 2020 Begins
Michael Snyder via

Zero Hedge (contrarian thinking)
"Nothing Can Go Wrong... Right?" Trader Warns Everyone's All-In
Tyler Durden

Intel Today (ratted out the intel services' propaganda machine)
Remembering Dr Udo Ulfkotte (January 20 1960 – January 13 2017) [2020]

Zero Hedge (Not good for economic growth, but maybe degrowth is in order)
Global Births & Population Of Potential Mothers... Down, Down, Down
Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog

Oilprice (without severe arm-twisting and maybe leg-breaking)
Why U.S. LNG Can’t Win In Europe
Irina Slav

Jonathan Turley (he who shall not be named)
Courting Disaster? The Democrats Are Demanding Witnesses With One Notable Exception [Hunter Biden]
Jonathan Turley | chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University

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