Sunday, May 21, 2017

Brett Arends — Opinion: Greece’s Varoufakis reveals the worst kept secret in Europe in his tell-all book

Forget all the claims and protestations about “families of nations” and a “new Europe” and “the European project.” The European Union, and especially the eurozone, is a German empire.

The new capital of Europe is not Brussels — let alone Strasbourg, the home of the European Parliament — but Berlin. The ultimate power of the EU is not the president of the European Commission, but the chancellor of Germany.…
And Germany is a pretty much a vassal of the US.
In other words, the Greeks had to be punished in order to terrify the rest of the continent. 
If you can think of any historical parallels for this German behavior in Europe, go right ahead.
Just German leaders being German leaders.
On the positive side, it surely means the euro is the deutsche mark in drag, and a harder currency than outsiders credit. Achtung, baby.
This is the point of the EZ in the eyes of Germany. The euro is the DM in disguise and Germany gets a discount on its currency.

The conclusion? The European project that manifested in the EU and the EZ only works if Germany leaves. But the point of the European project was to put a harness on Germany.

Opinion: Greece’s Varoufakis reveals the worst kept secret in Europe in his tell-all book
Brett Arends


Peter Pan said...

What does Varoufakis want? An all powerful federation that can subordinate German aspirations for EU ones?

Matt Franko said...

Well it's not working out for Deutchebank .... too many reserve assets being shoved down their throat.... LR down to 0.04....

Kristjan said...

These leftist always find a reason of what went wrong with Soviet Union too, "but It could have worked". Varoufakis is globalist pushing his agenda. Varoufakis and his ilk are punishing Greek people.