Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jacob Heilbrunn — Is Trump Pushing Merkel to Create A German Superpower?

Trump's approach to Europe and elsewhere has been predicated on the notion that he can singlehandedly defy the rules of the game and extract what he wants. The problem is that he is emboldening Germany to become the superpower of Europe and inevitably it will pursue what it considers its own interests. This is after all the nation that invented the term realpolitik....
The National Interest
Is Trump Pushing Merkel to Create A German Superpower?
Jacob Heilbrunn | editor of the National Interest


Dan Lynch said...

Germany is already the defacto ruler of Europe.

U.S. sanctions against Russia and against other enemies of the U.S. have hurt Germany.

U.S. driven NATO expansion in Eastern Europe arguably hurts Germany by increasing the danger of Europe becoming a battlefield.

U.S. meddling in the Middle East hurts Germany by flooding Germany with refugees.

I have always assumed the U.S. was wiretapping German pols and blackmailing them to go along with our dumb policies. Otherwise, Germany does not need us. They don't need our "protection." Protection from who?

Noah Way said...

Blaming Trump assumes he is in control.

He's not. He's completely out of his depth and being manipulated by various factions.

Ryan Harris said...

Merkel, Macron and the neolib austerians are on their own. We need the US to protect Russia from European Merkelian aggression and political instability that is certain to arise from their economic and military policy in the region.