Tuesday, May 30, 2017

W.T.Witney: Why Does the United States Beat Up On Capitalist Russia

Dan Kovalik, The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: Now the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Russia. Book review.

The Cold War we are familiar with ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. In his new book “The Plot to Scapegoat Russia,” lawyer and human rights activist Dan Kovalik writes about a new Cold War against Russia – and about the peace that never came. He discusses the role of the Democratic Party and the CIA, but his book centers on explaining why hostilities resumed. 
The real motivations of a revived confrontation are hardly the stuff of day-to-day news, and so the author relies upon the historical record for discovering the origins of a new Cold War. And he tells why the old Cold War was waged. 
The common explanation was a pretext, he thinks. In Kovalik’s words: “the Cold War, at least from the vantage point of the US, had little to do with fighting ‘Communism,’ and more to do with making the world safe for corporate plunder.” This proposition, implied more than dwelled upon, enables the author to account for other U. S. wars and interventions. 
CIA involvement is mentioned but not detailed. For Kovalik, “the CIA is a nefarious, criminal organization which often misleads the Ameri­can public and government into wars and misadventures.” These two themes – the real reason for why the United States fights wars and the CIA’s role in such wars – are unobtrusively present throughout the history recounted in the book.Readers hungry to know about the “plot” advertised in the book’s title will need patience.
For the author, “The US’s outsized military exists not only to ensure the US’s quite unjust share of the world’s riches, but also to ensure that those riches are not shared with the poor huddled masses in this country.” Good relations with Russia would be “simply bad for business, in particular the business of war which so profoundly undergirds the US economy …

Why Does the US Best Up On Capitalist Russia

Sounds like my kind of book, I'm going to buy it. This looting of the world has made many of the elite insanely rich, and they have become quite mad. Detached from everyday reality, so for them destroying the planet through war, plunder, pollution, and global warming is just fine.


Matt Franko said...

Probably need sanctions in place to avoid having to make the banks whole for the Ukraine default....

Andrew Anderson said...

Why Does the United States Beat Up On Capitalist Russia"

Because doing so justifies well-paid jobs in defense and security?

I suggest we move away from the notion that most people must have jobs in order to have an income. Then we can focus on what's right rather than what will enhance our job prospects?

Tom Hickey said...

Because doing so justifies well-paid jobs in defense and security?

Only peripherally.

This is about permanent global domination and control of global populations and resources.

The stakes could not be higher in the real world.

All the idealism involved — "because freedom and democracy — is only the fa├žade to dupe the rubes at home into committing resources to "national security" rather than addressing domestic welfare.

This is the same game that has been going on since the advent of surpluses about how controls the surplus and how it is distributed.

This what politics, economics and finance are really about.