Monday, May 29, 2017

Tom Palley — Trump and the Neocons: Doing the Unilateralist Waltz

The neocon goal is unchallenged U.S. supremacy. If that goal frames U.S. foreign policy, international economic policy must conform with it.

In the Cold War era, the currency of power was provision of weapons and ideology. In the new era of globalization, commerce has become a major new currency of power, making international economic policy a key concern.

Consequently, under Trump, neocon unilateralism is now spreading into international economic relations....
Tom Palley hits one out of the park, connecting neoliberalism (economic) and neoconservatism (political) with globalization and US global hegemony.

The Globalist
Trump and the Neocons: Doing the Unilateralist WaltzTom Palley

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Noah Way said...

Old news. If anything it's all just a bit more transparent as initially Trump was not with the program and has since made an abrupt turn, abandoning those positions.

BO did the same thing, just less abruptly. When there were no repercussions for generals not following orders it was clear who was in charge.