Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ramanan — Some Interesting Links On Politics

Background to Manchester.

The Case for Concerted Action
Some Interesting Links On Politics
V. Ramanan


Matt Franko said...

The San Bernadino shooter couple were Muslim (religion) who were pissed they had a Christmas (religion) party at work....

The Orlando shooter was anti-gay Muslim (religion)...

Bataclan theater was against luciferous (religion) music ....

Matt Franko said...

If it's not religious t hen why don't they attack government and military targets....

Peter Pan said...

soft tar·get
plural noun: soft targets
a person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to military or terrorist attack.

Btw, when military targets are hit, authorities will still claim that it's terrorism.

Tom Hickey said...

"Terrorism" is just Western propaganda.

This is actually aystemmetical warfare and the partisans used it again the Nazis and Nazi sympathizers and those cooperating with the occupation.

According to Islam law, the so-called terrorists publicly warned the Western aggressors that killing Muslim civilians what the response would be be. The behavior continued. This is the result. It will increase until the West leaves the Muslim lands.

It's the only paramilitary response they've got. And they will continue using it.

Matt Franko said...

So to you guys it's either kill them all or don't have anything to do with them?

Tom Hickey said...

Recognize reality.

The reality is that, as HRC admitted, out allies KSA and Qatar are the chief sponsors of Sunni terrorism, whether AQ and its affiliates or ISIS. Turkey has also been aiding ISIS against the Kurds. These are despotic regimes, alliance with whom undermines US soft power in addition.

Until the Palestinian issue is resolved that will also be a festering sores in region threatening to spread infection. The US only the only one capable of imposing a solution on Israel that is acceptable to the Palestinians. The US has the power to do this but not the political will.

Syria and Iran are more or less democratic secular states. Overtime they will develop in that direction as younger people, who are more liberal, replace the diehards. Continued opposition just strengthens the hand of the diehards.

The US needs to recognize that Russia and China are world powers with legitimate security interests. The US needs to back off the bellicose behavior and focus on areas of cooperation instead of emphasizing contention.

The problem is that the US is young nation acting like an adolescent with an excess of testosterone.

The US acts unilaterally "because freedom and democracy," along with a preposterous notion of national security that equates US national security with permanent global hegemony. It's not only adolescent, it's also loony, especially considering the sorry state of the US socially (splintered, class ridden), politically (corrupt, asymmetrical power) and economically (asymmetric distribution, inequality). The US needs to put its own house in order instead of imposing its looniness and corruption on others.

Many of these issues would evaporate with a better understanding of economics and finance, too. Neoliberal globalization is driving much of the craziness.

Mike Norman for president!

Kaivey said...

A tough subject, but you're right there, Tom. When the US blanket bombed Laos, was that not terrorism on a grand scale?

Peter Pan said...

It's not terrorism when the "good guys" do it.