Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Peter Dorman — Pronoun Madness

Hear, hear!

Pronoun Madness
Peter Dorman | Professor of Political Economy, The Evergreen State College


Ryan Harris said...

What is the pronoun for the little green guys under bridges?

Peter Pan said...

Gnome, troll, ogre, leprechaun.

Joe said...

Abolishing gendered pronouns and redefining they/them is pronoun madness.

Maybe we should just give all babies surgery to give them ambiguous genitalia and poof, all pronouns work for everyone..

This hyperpolitical correctness is a radical denial of human nature. Universities have become a laughing stock. I saw a transgendered studies lecturer on Canadian tv claim research has shown that it's incorrect that there's such a thing as biological sex.!?!?! So apparently genitalia have been a figment of our imagination all this time. If it's just people spewing nonsense, well fine, youtube is full of that, but the thuggish behavior of many of these students in this evergreen case (and with Jordan Peterson in canada) is absolutely appalling.

If you need safe spaces and trigger warnings then you simply don't belong in a university. You're obviously too fragile to engage in any sort of intellectual work, as the world is a complex and often terrifying place. Seek out therapy first, build up the strength to face reality and then maybe try again at a university.