Friday, May 26, 2017

Daivid Doel: Journalist Embarrasses Herself While Attempting To Smear Jeremy Corbyn

For those of you that don't have time to watch it (although it has some American politics too). Here David Doel breaks down an interview of Jeremy Corbyn by Sophy Ridge of Sky News. She has a copy of the Labour Briefing magazine written way back in 1984 with an editorial on the IRA bombing of the Conservative Party conference which said that the only time to British wake up and take notice is when they are bombed. She has been told that Corbyn was chief editor at the time, but Jeremy Corbyn tells her he was not on the board at all, that her facts were wrong, he adds that he only wrote articles for the magazine. Determined to push this one she asks him if he was happy writing for a magazine that prints articles like this? Then Jeremy Corbyn answers saying that reading and writing for a magazine doesn't necessarily mean that he agreed with everything in it, surely anymore than Sophy Ridge agreed with everything presented on Sky News. Nailed her!

David Doel says that Sky News had nothing to attack him on, his policies are good, so they dug up a very old article written 34 years ago hoping to smear him with that. They had nothing else.


Kaivey said...

What I find interesting is how young people in America find left British politics interesting. Could the Bernie Sanders revolution be taking place?

Peter Pan said...

They're looking for inspiration, be it from Jeremy Corbyn or Marine LePen.