Sunday, May 28, 2017

David Lazare — Trump Submits to Neocon Orthodoxy

Donald Trump throws in the towel.
Reeling from the onslaught, Trump began to realize that he was in a no-win situation, just as Obama had eight years earlier when he gave Hillary Clinton and her neocon allies control of the State Department.
Bucking Washington’s foreign-policy establishment, a.k.a. “The Blob,” was a losing proposition. The neocons were too powerful. Resistance was pointless. So Trump surrendered to the “truisms” of Official Washington’s foreign-policy elite regarding the Middle East conflicts: Saudi Arabia and its allies: good; Russia, Syria, and Iran: baaaad....
Consortium News
Trump Submits to Neocon Orthodoxy
David Lazare

As part of the drive to drive President Trump from the White House, some “never-Trumpers” are rehabilitating George W. Bush as a relative “moderate” and thus whitewashing his war crimes, notes Lawrence Davidson.
George W. Bush’s Horrific Legacy


Sputnik International
Daesh and the West's Solid Stench of Death
Pepe Escobar


Penguin pop said...

In other words, Donny Tinyhands is a wimp. His whole tough guy act was a facade from the start.

Kaivey said...

Yea, I thought he would take them on, be ruthless with then, get them running, be his own man. If only the American public could realise that the neocons are running the show, which is not in their interest. Weird isn't it, neocons were Republican, then they moved over to the Democratics, now they're back with the Republicans again, what sort of democracy is this? You can't get rid of them.