Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Riding a c90 through Iran

I put this out before but with all this talk about war with Iran I decided it was timely to put it out again for anyone who hasn't seen it. This young guy had travelled the world on his Honda C90 and he was told that Iranians are very friendly, and we he got there he found them to be the most friendly people he had ever met on his travels. It's tragic that the US and the Saudis want to mess it up for them. Iran is a big country and it will be a long and terrible war. This suits the western ruling elite as they will make lots of money selling the Jihadists weapons via Saudi Arabia. They have mainly western weapons.

Apparently millions of Western people go to real news sites and know what is going on: that everything is in reverse to what we are being told. But most people just get their news from the tabloids and the TV, and believe all the rubbish they put out.

I sent this to Peter Hitchens along with some other stuff that I put out here recently. I contacted half the Conservative Party with PCR's, Are You Ready To Die. I got four replies. One Conservative MP took time to explain to me why we are no more near at war with Russia than we ever have been. He said both sides are in constant communication with each other so they know about false alarms. He said it was just a conspiracy theory. I would like to reprint it here but it is a private email to me.

We have the most incredible religion which is Buddhism, and even Sufi Islam is gentle. If only there was no such thing as militant Islam, but the US has been stoking it for generations, and destroying liberal democracies and secular societies in the ME. If the world was the way it was supposed to be (how most people want it to be) Saudi Arabia would have had sanctions placed on it years ago. Then we would have developed new technology that used less fuel, and also developed different energy sources so that we didn't need to rely on ME oil anymore. The environment would have been cleaner too with less global warming, but for some reason the worst path was always taken. The people who run the world are not bright, they are just selfish, greedy, and ruthless.

Millions of people around the world vote for the parties of the ruling establishment, usually the Conservatives, because they think they have honour and hold decent family values, but don't realise they are voting for a bunch of crooks. The media doesn't inform them. And when they do vote for alternatives they end up with the same bunch of crooks getting back in anyway. There is a theoretical chance that some real alternative might get in one day, like Bernie or Corbyn, but you bet they will have a hard time implementing their policies. 


Peter Pan said...

Need to send Matt on a motorcycle tour. Have him experience Iran and report back to us...

Kaivey said...

Like it!