Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ron Paul: Trump In Saudi Arabia - 'Peace In Our Time?'

This is good. I kind of like Ron Paul even though I hate his politics. But here Ron Paul says cuts in benefits and food stamps to the poor is crazy while military spending is increased by $billions. If you don't have time to watch it just look at the first 10 seconds to see Trump lie. Know wonder people like me got pulled in and thought maybe he would be different. But did trump lie, maybe he meant it at the time but has now been pulled in by the system. Or perhaps he saw how money he could make?

Ron Paul says he's a businessman and likes making money, but now he is making billions for industro-military complex which is serious money and he thinks he's doing something good, while raking in loads of money for the US economy. But Ron Paul says it doesn't feed in to the wider economy.  I just hope there is enough people who know what's gong happening on both the left and right to stop this.

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