Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Moon of Alabama — France Prepares Pro-AlQaeda Intervention In Syria

Terrorists in France, bad. Terrorists in Syria, good.

Some people never learn apparently.

Moon of Alabama
France Prepares Pro-AlQaeda Intervention In Syria

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Sic Semper Tyrannis


Peter Pan said...

Tom, do you bother reading the articles you link to?

John said...

Bob, perhaps if you read the extended article (link at the bottom of the article) you'll see Tom's point, which is not only exactly right but also simply mirrors what the best independent anti-terror analysts, religious extremist analysts and the intelligence services themselves say, which is to say that this Brzezinski-style support for jihadis is an insane idea because these nutters cannot be controlled and the blowback in the years to come will be horrific.

France is fanning the flames of jihadi barbarism, although in the Middle East they're far behind the US and the UK when it comes to training and financing these grotesque monsters. In the former French colonies in Africa, France is doing brisk business with their vive la jihad, but intervene when the barbarians start getting ideas of their own. Creating a demented Salafi Caliphate isn't what bothers France, the US or the UK. Given that all the worst Arab dictatorships are Salafi jihadi exporting states, how could they be opposed to another Salafi jihadi state? Only last year a top secret Defence Intelligence Agency report detailed how France, the US and the UK amongst others had agreed on carving up Syria and creating a Salafi state. The French are happy to see millions dead, but get in an almighty flap if some cartoonists get blown away. This will all be conveniently forgotten the next time there's an atrocity, and we all delude ourselves by mouthing absurdities like they hate us because of our values...

Tom Hickey said...

I fixed the link and added another.

Peter Pan said...

Nothing new for France. Remember Algeria and the descendants who fled the civil war? They are facing social unrest several magnitudes greater than ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks. They'll use the pretext of terrorism to turn France into a police state.

French action in Syria would provide cover for Washington. It remains to be seen if Macron/Merkel are willing to offer up this gift, given their public disapproval of Trump.

Peter Pan said...

If Macron/Merkel are serious about pursuing an independent foreign policy, this is an opportunity for them to give Washington the cold shoulder. A peace deal with Russia regarding Syria's future would be in Europe's interest. It would send a signal that US meddling in Europe's 'backyard' will be challenged.

Kaivey said...

I changed the name of a link recently and when I clicked on the link it took me to the last link I had used. There was some mistake in the software.

Kaivey said...

Just read the comment section. Crikey.

"There is reason to believe that Shajul Islam was/is working for the MI-6.

The trial collapsed because two witness would not appear. But there was other available evidence. Still "the crown" refrained from using that and the trial collapsed.
"At the start of the hearing in November 2013, prosecutor Mark Dennis QC told the court that all evidence against the brothers rested on the two victims, who were unable to be called, and therefore could not proceed with the case."

"After the criminal case against him collapsed, and he was found not guilty, he faced close monitoring by the security services."

The trial was earlier supposed to take six weeks ( but the only thing the prosecution then presented were two unavailable witnesses. That does not sound reasonable at all. The earlier testimony of the witnesses including to various newspapers was not regarded, nor the other evidence that Islam was part of a terrorist group.

It seems likely that some deal had been made to let Islam go.

It was UK policy at that time to let Jihadis go to Syria just like it earlier promoted Jihadi migration to Libya. (Which came back in the form of the Manchester bombing.) Some of those people the British authorities let go were informants. The responsible Home Secretary for all that was one Theresa May."

Ignacio said...

John, if war is the health of the state, this is what modern states must do to be "healthy".

With conventional wars between nuclear powers not being an option, and wars between democracies being a hard sell to the population, all is left is funding radical elements of unstable countries to keep them in a state of chaos so the MIC can keep justifying its existence.

We also need the equivalent of the Internet revolution for energy: decentralised production and distribution of energy which is hard to control by any large interests. With that excuse gone from the map we will see a natural decrease of bullshit like this, and in turn these idiots having to find real jobs for a change.

John said...

Ignacio, unfortunately that's an accurate description of the proxy wars, but even in the case of preventing the chaos in the Middle East that our foreign policy of chaos promotion has created is becoming an increasingly hard sell. The only hope is that a lot of people don't believe the narrative being spun. They may not have a good grasp of what's going on, but the one thing they know is that they're being lied to. That being said, terrorist atrocities do rally people to the flag.

The only way out of this is for every country to be able to create as much clean and near free energy needed. That way, control of fossil fuel energy disappears as an imperialist tool to discipline the world. The Wahhabi petro-states can then disappear and Israel will no longer have the protection of the imperial overlord. Islamic extremism disappears and an equitable and peaceful two-state solution comes about. The solar cell may not only save the world from the worst of climate change, but it'll also extinguish Salafi jihadism, Zionist expansion and greater democracy!

Peter Pan said...

The Great Unraveling: The crisis of the post-war geopolitical order

I'm thinking Paul Craig Roberts would welcome these developments. Europe no longer Washington's vassals!

Matt Franko said...

"We also need the equivalent of the Internet revolution for energy: decentralised production and distribution of energy"

Green shoots of that happening imo....

Tom Hickey said...

"We also need the equivalent of the Internet revolution for energy: decentralised production and distribution of energy"

The energy cos are resisting decentralization mightily. And they are enlisting the power of the state.

It's now illegal to be off the grid in Florida, for instance.