Friday, July 27, 2018

Andre Vltchek — Releasing My North Korean Documentary Film to My Readers

Download it before it disappears.

Releasing My North Korean Documentary Film to My Readers
Andre Vltchek


Konrad said...

The Empire must destroy North Korea for the same reason the Empire destroyed Libya…no filth, no crime, no debt bondage, and no homelessness. Free housing, free education, free utilities, and free medical care.

In a word, North Korea (like Gaddaffi's Libya) is evil.

Not convinced?

As the Western Empire moved to enslave Africa after WW II, North Korea gave military and civil assistance to Guinea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mali, and Tanzania.

North Korea was also involved in populist uprisings against the Empire in Rhodesia and in the Seychelles. In 1984, three thousand North Korean military advisers assisted a populist uprising against the Empire in Angola and Lesotho.

The Empire was unable by itself to stop North Korea. Therefore the Empire built up South Korea industrially and militarily, and whipped the South Korea population into a bellicose frenzy. In this way, South Koreans (who serve the Empire) gradually replaced North Koreans in Africa. Today there are South Koreans in 49 nations of Africa, while most North Koreans have departed.

But wait...North Korea's evil gets even worse...

During the 1973 Yom Kippur War, North Korean pilots flew Egyptian MiG-21 fighter jets to defend against the Jewish attack. Also, 1,500 North Koreans manned surface-to-air missiles to defend Egypt against Israeli aggression. (North Korean pilots had also been fighting the US imperialists over North Vietnam.)

The Yom Kippur War ended in a draw between Israel and Egypt. Therefore Israel declared “victory,” just as Israel would later declare “victory” after its defeat by Hezbollah in 2000 and 2006.

Even today, North Korea does not recognize Israel, and has no monuments to the mythical “holocaust.”™ North Korea is a nation of 25 million holocaust™ deniers.

Average Americans aren’t aware of all this, but average Israelis are, and they want North Korea nuked.

[NOTE: To avoid being bombed by the Empire, your nation must become 100% neoliberal, plus your nation must participate in the Empire’s military attacks worldwide, and -- most importantly -- your nation must worship Israel, and build public monuments to the mythical “holocaust.”™ Otherwise your nation will forever remain targeted by the Empire. ]

Since North Korea does not recognize Israel, and since Hezbollah defeated Israel twice, the Israelis claim that some Hezbollah members operate out of North Korea, and that Hezbollah has North Korean nuclear weapons in Lebanon for use against innocent and saintly Israelis.

Anyway thanks for posting this evil video.

The U.S. government has prohibited American tourists from visiting Cuba and North Korea. This is done to prevent average people from learning the truth, and from bringing foreign currency to Cuba and NK.

(U.S. corporate media outlets invented the Cuban “sonic attacks” hoax in an effort to hurt Cuba’s tourist trade, which is booming with visitors from Europe and elsewhere.)

Kaivey said...

If only people knew the truth, it would shock them.

Calgacus said...

Konrad, nobody has ever said that the Yom Kippur (known as the October or Ramadan war by others) war was a "Jewish" or Israeli attack. It was Egypt & Syria who attacked, trying to regain territory occupied by Israel, which had basically refused to negotiate and rejected peace offers. The draw was more of an Egyptian victory, especially diplomatically. There has been some propaganda revision of history to paint it as an Israeli victory, but I don't think it has been too successful. And of course the holocaust, the killing of many millions of Jews and others by Germany is not a myth.