Friday, July 27, 2018

M. K. Bhadrakumar — Trump Has a Grand Strategy, He Wants to Do a 'Reverse Nixon' -- Partner Russia for an Alliance vs China

Pulling a Kissinger. But coming from a country that can't keep an agreement…?

And if an agreement were viable, what could go wrong? Bhadrakumar explains.

Russia Insider
Trump Has a Grand Strategy, He Wants to Do a 'Reverse Nixon' -- Partner Russia for an Alliance vs China
Scott Ritter


Like Chuck Schumer said would happen.
"Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you." —Sen. Charles Schumer to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow
Trump Has Been Set Up, Framed and Relentlessly Persecuted by the American Intelligence Community
Sidney Powell


sidchem said...

This link is clearly to an anti-Semitic website.

Tom Hickey said...

It's a site that has a rage of reporting and opinion.

In addition, criticism of Zionism and Israel policy is not "anti-Semitic."

That view implies that anything critical of Israeli action or policy, or Zionism as political stance is off the table. That's just nonsense.

GLH said...

If Trump is trying to turn Russia and China against each other then he seems to be doing a pretty poor job of it.

sidchem said...


The linked site is not just an anti-zionist site, but it clearly delineates that Jews are a problem. Please take the time to read the her article at the site which talk about the "Jew Taboo". I personally do not support many positions of Israel, but at the same time feel persecuted by people who outline Jews as being a "problem" as described in one of the sites articles.

Matt Franko said...

Ritter is not qualified...

Matt Franko said...

Sid, they are gay bashers also over there...

Tom Hickey said...

They have already tight people posting there. I don't link to them.

If one excludes sites where "objectionable" content is allowed, that greatly narrows the field.

The author is link to doesn't fall into that category and I am not banning either sites or people for expressing their views.

Take Phil Giraldi. When he criticized the Israeli leadership, he was ostracized from the mainstream as anti-Semitic. This is just wrong.

Anyway, no one is forcing anyone to read anything posted here or any one that comments here either if they don't like or agree with the content.

I read lots of content I don't agree with and find little that I do agree with out there, but that's what it takes to stay up on current affairs. Moreover, sometimes I find myself agreeing with some people that I otherwise disagree with most of the time.

Tom Hickey said...

"already tight" should be alt-right. Who knew that auto-completion has a sense of humor.

sidchem said...


My comment that the site contains anti-Semitic material still stands and it seems that you agree with that. Please be careful with your logic and assume that anti-Zionist web sites are not anti-semitic as well.

I just wanted to point out about the editorial oversight of this website. I personally do not like to pay attention to information from such websites that distribute hate information and thought others may feel the same. I do not believe that your linking to such sites supports your "mission", but perhaps you do. If I continue to see such links in the future, I will most likely move on to other sites than Mike Norman for my information.

Best regards

Tom Hickey said...

Thank you for sharing your view.

I am aware of the difficulty that legitimate criticism of the Zionism as a political position and the pursuit of it by the current hardline Israeli leadership presents. Such criticism may fuel incipient anti-Semitism indirectly and unintentionally. I appreciate those concerned about this.

My view is that the Israeli leadership should change its position and that potential causal link will be broken.

Lacking that, Western liberal democracies should cease to support Israel without reservation. As long as they continue this support, they appear hypocritical and lose soft power as a result of it.

Until things, change they will be criticized for political and moral reasons. It's possible to separate the nuance of the issues and not bring in or imply anything religious or ethical. "Israeli" doesn't means Jewish anyway. One doesn't have to be Jewish to be an Israeli citizen. But the fact of the matter if that policy is driven by Zionist hardliners and ultra-conservative religious factions.

We have a similar situation in the US and it is possible to criticize certain Christian sects supporting very conservative or even reactionary political positions by being against the politics without being anti-Christian. Yet, some of these people claim they are being persecuted for their faith.

As long as we live in a liberal environment, everyone is welcome to express their views within the bounds of the law — no yelling fire in a crowed theater — but everything else goes. Although some are now trying to dismantle that.