Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Frank Sellers — SHOCKER: US sides with Moscow over Kiev in WTO case

Typically, Washington is against anything that benefits Moscow, and is for anything which bolsters the position of US puppet regime Ukraine. But, at ongoing cases before the World Trade Organization, that narrative isn’t applicable. This is so because if Washington slam Moscow for its actions relative to Kiev, it would provide a case against Trump’s metals tariffs. However, by standing with Russia on this issue, Washington thinks that it can save its own trade actions, namely Trump’s metals tariffs.…

National security trumps WTO regs. Both the US and Russia are claiming national security supervenes in their cases, and the US is supporting Russia on this.

In effect, this is the recognition that the national sovereignty supersedes international agreements in certain cases. The nation state is not dead yet.
The Duran
SHOCKER: US sides with Moscow over Kiev in WTO case
Frank Sellers


Footsoldier said...

I told ya Tom that paper I posted yesterday by David Andolfatto

Was going to start the debate all over again


Noah Way said...

Another article that perpetuates the illusion of Crimean annexation.