Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jay Janson - A Nationalist Faction on Wall St. Challenges the War Faction Which Owns the CIA and Media

It was hard for me to do a concise copy and paste as usual, as every bit is gripping. So this is just a taster. Jay Janson captures everything we say here in one essay. It's pertinent.  KV

Boisterous billionaire Republican candidate Donald Trump seemed to have been designated by a forward thinking substantial group of investors to present a demand that government force America's wealth controlling deep-pockets to invest in a United States suffering from neglect, rather than continue to promote investing more profitably in the low wage economies of developing nations regardless of the consequences of speeding up development of future contenders for world power. The handwriting is on the wall that reads 'pale skin folks will not keep power over six times as many folks of color toned skin for all that much longer. The willingness of humanity to continue to accept the white world's profitable investments in genocide will end when enough economic power shifts from Europeans, and their descendant nations, to the six sevenths of humanity they have plundered. Realizing this, a block of important investors within the 1/10th of 1% who rule America have been in fraternal confrontation with the war establishment and its CIA-fed media pushing for investment in the neglected US instead of in the low wage 3rd World that China will soon lead

The more perspicacious among them must be thinking logically, 'Better begin investing in our home countries and see that the world power shift coming to overtake us comes later rather than sooner, while we make our economies better able to deal with the inevitable change in world leadership.'

However, it is obvious that a much more substantial and powerful faction of the important investors ruling the US and much of the world have their investments so heavily weighted in the super lucrative military industrial complex, that they must desperately count on the West's overkill military dominance to assure Western control of the world far into the foreseeable future. Investors locked into the financial-industrial-military complex must surely be more powerful than investors, whose portfolios are weighted in production, trade and acquisitions. A glance at our vastly over militarized world, continuing massively destructive wars and steady impoverishment of half of mankind would seem to be sufficient to assume the primacy of investments in the profitable but criminal use of the Armed Forces, CIA and CIA-controlled US mainstream media.

Since predatory investments go hand in hand with bombings and invasions, the Military Industrial Complex faction had to be virulently opposed to forcing investors to invest in the USA, as Trump had been trumpeting to an ever widening audience, ergo the wild efforts of its CIA controlled newscasters, commentators and talk shows to denigrate Trump in whatever desperate method possible for his rocking the wars industry's boat containing trillions of dollars invested in future military conflict.

The theater of Trump’s bumptious behavior is taking place in front of a brutal set of powerful alien-like investors on Wall Street, rabid monsters who gave the world the Somali, Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian, Yemeni and South Sudan genocides and a bloody permanent racist occupation of Afghanistan, just as their elders and some of their parents gave the world the genocides surpassing the Holocaust in Korea, Congo, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Central America.
But nothing in this world is absolute, and some considerable number within this powerful investor elite, concerned for their own skin in an uncertain future, might even have realistically accepted that Chinese civilization will ultimately replace the present American-led crazed speculative-banking-driven genocidal white folks neocolonial power plundering of much of the rest of humanity. It doesn’t seem credible that all wealthy and powerful Americans have become comfortably inured to the massive taking of lives and deadly impoverishment of hundreds of millions of other human beings during their criminal capital acquisitions. Wealthy criminals, even when insane are not stupid. With China’s rise as a world power making itself more noticeable month by month, economic might has begun to loom more and more important than military might. After all, bigger money buys bigger guns and the biggest money will always buy the most of anything necessary. Equally important, one can suppose all investors are aware of a predicted future in which China and not the US will be most influential if not controlling critical world institutions including the United Nations and its courts.
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