Tuesday, July 31, 2018

William Polk on Trump, Helsinki, and U.S. Foreign Policy

Balanced assessment from a longtime insider.

Jack Matlock Blog
Mr. Trump Goes to Helsinki
William Polk on Trump, Helsinki, and U.S. Foreign Policy
William Polk |  former professor of history at Harvard University and the University of Chicago, past president of the Adlai Stevenson Institute of International Affairs at University of Chicago, and sometime US diplomat and foreign policy consultant


Footsoldier said...

Don't know if you have seen this...

The next part of the debate

A paper by David Andolfatto


Might be worth posting up.

Tom Hickey said...

From the second paragraph of the article cited.

"Banks are just one of many actors in the market for loanable funds."

'Nuff said.

Peter Pan said...

Much ado about nothing. Trump on NK was a feint, Iran is probably another feint, NATO isn't going away, sanctions on Russia remain, Cold War 2.0 is still on the menu, no prospect of reductions in nuclear weapons, US military expenditures growing ever larger, Israel still enjoying undue influence... the list of what remains the same continues in spite of Trump's antics and incompetence.

Maybe trade will be the first indication that Trump has actually changed anything. Too early to tell.

Tom Hickey said...

I agree on the present state, but the ship of state is a very heavy deep-draught (draft) vessel that only turns slowly. At least the wheel has turned the rudders to some degree away from Wilsonian idealism toward Jacksonian realism with regard to foreign policy. The US hasn't gone there since WWII.

Peter Pan said...

Does Jacksonian realism come with an erosion of soft power?
There, I found something that this administration has managed to change/accelerate.

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