Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sarah Berger - 4-day workweek is a success, New Zealand experiment finds

There's no two ways about, humans are cooperative creatures who like to help each other. KV

If productivity is plummeting in the workplace, the solution might be simple: Make the work week shorter.

One company did just that by experimenting with a four-day workweek. The trial was so successful, management is seeking to make the change permanent.
It also found an increased level of teamwork and collaboration (“employees describe how they felt a mutual willingness to ‘help each other out,’” reads the report).
“Many employees see the reduced working hours as ‘a gift’ and ‘a privilege not a right,’ and feel a deep sense of goodwill and reciprocity towards the organization, which manifests in an openness to ‘go the extra mile’ and think about ‘what I can do to give back,’” the qualitative analysis reads. “Many employees reported a willingness to be available for work purposes on their day off.”
Outside of work, employees reported other benefits, such as having more time to participate in family life, restore, reconnect and even explore and imagine.
As a result of the trial, Perpetual Guardian CEO Andrew Barnes has recommended to its board that the four-day workweek be made permanent.

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Andrew Anderson said...

So, shall JG proposals be shrunk down to 4 eight hour days?