Sunday, July 22, 2018

Reuters — Syrian 'White Helmets' flee to Jordan with Israeli, Western help: officials

This has been reported widely on the net. Now Reuters has picked it up.
The evacuees will be kept in a “closed” location in Jordan and resettled in Britain, Germany and Canada within three months, the source added.…
Draw your own conclusions.

Syrian 'White Helmets' flee to Jordan with Israeli, Western help: officials

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Because the Israeli leadership is so humanitarian.
The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed Israel's spearheading the move at the request of the United States and European governments. The dead of night operation comes a week after reports first surfaced that serious discussions were held on the matter during the July 11-12 NATO summit in Brussels.
The IDF official twitter account posted the following statement: "Following an Israeli Government directive and at the request of the United States and additional European countries, the IDF recently completed a humanitarian effort to rescue members of a Syrian civil organization and their families."
The IDF further called the effort "an exceptional humanitarian gesture" and additionally confirmed that the White Helmets were transferred "through Israel".…
Meanwhile a number of journalists and analysts asked the obvious million dollar question: "Why evacuation specifically for just this group and its families?" Why not other civilians?"...
With today's Israeli rescue operation giving greater clarity to the nature of the group fundamentally being a foreign-created and foreign sponsored entity, a number of mainstream media outlets are now for the first time casually and belatedly referencing this fact....
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White Helmets "Rescued" By Israel Via Golan Heights In Overnight Operation
Tyler Durden

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