Wednesday, July 25, 2018

John Rappoport — US shipped biowar materials to Iraq

Joh Rappoport reminds us of some history.

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US shipped biowar materials to Iraq
John Rappoport


Noah Way said...

Which is how we knew Saddam had chemical weapons, we gave them to him.

They were the very first target of the aerial bombing campaign of the First Gulf War (ostensibly to "rescue" Kuwait, which was slant drilling Iraqi oil under the border from rigs run by US contractors).

No WMDs were found in the Second Gulf War (the war to rid Saddam of WMDs) because we had destroyed them all in the First.

Konrad said...

“Independent reporters rightly point the finger at big media as the predominant purveyor of fake news.” ~ Jon Rappoport

Throughout history, peasants have always enjoyed being lied to in ways that pique their emotions. The peasants are easily controlled because they like fairy tales, both religious and political.

Today no one denies that the corporate media outlets tell nothing but lies, and yet the peasants choose to believe the lies, because it’s fun to believe them (even though the lies keep the peasants enslaved and impoverished).

For example, the lying media outlets have seduced millions of morons into believing the Russia-gate hoax, and into raging against Trump, as though Trump is different from all the corrupt presidents before him.

Regarding the USA shipping chemical and biological weapons to Iraq, the 1978 Iranian revolution infuriated Washington. Therefore the the CIA installed Saddam Hussein as Iraqi president on 16 July 1979. The CIA promised to support Saddam, as long as Saddam did as he was told. A year later the CIA ordered Saddam to invade Iran, which Saddam did on 22 Sep 1980. The USA supplied Saddam with weapons for this invasion (including chemical and biological weapons), while the Israelis acted as middlemen for arms shipments to Iran.

You have probably seen those famous photos of Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam on 02 Dec 1983, bearing gifts of chemical and biological weapons. At that point in time, Rumsfeld was Reagan’s personal envoy to Iraq. (Rumsfeld, now aged 86, is one of those bastards who are so evil that hell won’t let them in. Henry Kissinger is 95.)

The Iran-Iraq war lasted eight years, and killed nearly a million people. Two years after the war ended, the USA suckered Saddam into invading Kuwait on 2 Aug 1990. The USA instantly responded by fabricating the “incubator babies” hoax as a pretext to attack their Saddam-puppet. Only then did Saddam finally realize that the USA had always used him, while pretending to be his friend.

So at one point Saddam did indeed have WMDs -- provided by the USA. But the peasants don’t want to hear this. The peasants think in terms of comic books, with superheroes (i.e. the USA) and super-villains (i.e. whoever Washington attacks).

That's why they are so gullible.

John said...

State Department and Pentagon declassified documents prove that not only were the biological and chemical weaponry from the US but also that there was a concerted and knowingly mendacious campaign to distract the blame from Saddam Hussein to Iran. Faced with chemical attacks on the Kurds, the US state apparatus moved into sixth gear to protect Saddam Hussein and pin the blame on Iran. This was in order to enter the war on Iraq's side, which the US did, in order to save their most prized henchman from losing the war to Iran, which Iraq started at the behest of the US, jihadi loony tunes Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Gulf states. The good old days.

Noah Way said...

Not to mention payback for the Iran hostage crisis, which came about because the US refused to extradite the Shah for trial on crimes against humanity.

The Shah, you know, the guy the CIA installed in a coup in 1953 after the democratic parliament and prime minister nationalized Iran's oil.