Friday, July 27, 2018

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould — The Grand Illusion of Imperial Power

Few Americans today understand how the United States came to be owned by a London-backed neoconservative/right-wing alliance that grew out of the institutional turmoil of the post-Vietnam era. Even fewer understand how its internal mission to maintain the remnants of the old British Empire gradually overcame American democracy and replaced it with a “national security” bureaucracy of its own design....
Weekend reading, if you like intrigue.

Disclaimer: I can't voucher for the factual claims, but I assume that the Counterpunch editors did due diligence before accepting it.

The Grand Illusion of Imperial Power
Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould


Kaivey said...

Talk about pure evil. What drives these people?

Tom Hickey said...

This is why the founding fathers warned about getting involved in entangling alliances and foreign adventures. They knew their history well. Recurrent war.