Sunday, July 22, 2018

Joaquin Flores — Explaining Trump to ‘Socialist’ Liberals

This is an interesting read as the statement of a millennial on the current situation via a letter to his boomer father.

 He has clearly thought this through carefully. However, some of his assumptions, e.g., about monetary economics, central banking, etc., are mistaken, but this is a common issue since almost no one has a correct grasp of them.

Flores argues to his labor-union leftist father how alt-right has become the new left and explains why. Of further interest, the family is Mexican-American, so the immigration issue also enters the argument.
FRN’s Joaquin Flores writes a letter to his 69 year-old dad, also a former labor union organizer like himself, to explain the situation in the US today. The paradigm has shifted, and those wedded to the old ways are very much confused and quite lost at sea. The left and right concepts are melting away, and glacial rivers are violently casting the uninitiated aside.
Fort Russ
Explaining Trump to ‘Socialist’ Liberals – FLORES

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