Sunday, July 22, 2018

Aspen - Why German healthcare is AMAZING

Aspen, an American says she loves the German healthcare system. There are no worries about getting treatment whereas in the US she was petrified to see the doctor in case it might bankrupt her. She says the German public healthcare system is first class. She says she has no intention of ever moving back to the US because the health system is so bad.

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Footsoldier said...

My Wife is German from Stuttgart.

Her mum got sepsis in December and she has only just got into the black forest for rehab 7 months later.

She has been in 6 different hospitals and 2 care homes. The problem being as soon as each hospital was no longer getting paid they couldn't wait to get rid of her. You have to pay health insurance.

So no it is not amazing it is a nightmare.

On each occasion they moved her out of hospital too quickly. She ended up getting infection after infection after infection to the point the sepsis moved into her spine and she had to get 3 discs removed and she is 80.

We are all suprised the system didn't kill her.

On top of that 2 doctors and 2 ambulance services visited her in her house in December and didn't even recognise that it was sepsis. If they had of done she would have probably only have been in hospital ofr a fortnight.

Insurance should never be involved in heathcare.