Friday, November 23, 2018

2014: Yanukovych: I am alive, I am the legitimate President, and I will return to Kyiv

Yanukovch describes how the Ukranian government fires leading members of the armed forces, the police, the judiciary who don't agree with its fascist policies.

Dear representatives of the media, dear compatriots.
First, because all sorts of rumors have been circulating about me in Ukraine, I would like to say that I am alive, although I cannot say that I feel good because I cannot watch what is happening in Ukraine without a feeling of deep and terrible alarm.
Behind the curtain of some kind of supposedly legitimate government, there is a gang of ultra-nationalists and neo-fascists who are already tagged for the presidency. They capture local governments by force. They fire police and security service executives not only in the centre in Kiev, but also in the regions. Cities are patrolled by people in masks with bandages on their hands. There is increasing lawlessness against the citizens of Ukraine. They dismiss top army officers. Those who do not want that oppose the use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the south-east of the country against the civilian population. Think about it! They want to put an army under the banner of Bandera and provoke a civil war. They want to include militants from nationalist organisations in the Armed Forces and give them weapons.
Ukraine is Unified

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