Friday, November 30, 2018

Japan latest...

This one from Mike's latest:

 "Industrial production in Japan jumped 2.9%, more than twice what economists expected and the largest rise in more than three years. 
Industrial output had fallen in the past six months, but the rise in October lifts the year-over-year rate to 4.2%, the best since the middle of last year. 
Separately, for the fourth consecutive month, the Bank of Japan has made a minor adjustment to its bond-buying program. It announced that it will only buy bonds 10-years and longer four times in December after entering the market five times this month."

 Gee whiz OMG less "pumping of the money supply!" for all the morons out there!!!! Who is going to buy them now?????   Where will the pumping come from?!?!??! oh no!!!!