Thursday, November 29, 2018

RT - Guardian Pushes Fake News on Assange

RT Correspondent Caleb Maupin explains why Wikileaks is preparing to sue The Guardian after the newspaper published claims that Julian Assange secretly met with Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort in London’s Ecuadorean Embassy in the years 2013, 2015, and 2016. Former UK MP George Galloway, and Investigative Journalist Gareth Porter, join host Anya Parampil to discuss the paper, specifically reporter Luke Harding’s, questionable record when it comes to reporting on Wikileaks, as well the UK and Ecuador’s conspiracy to “deliver Assange to US authorities” according to reporting by Gareth.

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Konrad said...

The point is that the British and Ecuadorian governments, plus the Guardian, are trying to fabricate some pretext to eject Assange from the London embassy so that Washington can finally execute Assange or else imprison him for life.

The Guardian has tried several different lies to see if any of them gained traction with the public. On 21 Sep 2018 the Guardian falsely claimed that Russia was about to smuggle Assange out of the U.K., since Assange was a “Russian asset.” The Guardian did not identify any source for this lie.

The public was not interested, so five days later the Guardian falsely claimed that Ecuador’s government planned to secretly move Assange from Ecuador's London embassy to Ecuador’s Moscow embassy. Again the Guardian did not identify any source for this lie.

Still the public was not moved. There was no buzz in social media.

On 28 Sep 2018 ABC News in the USA (working with the Guardian) repeated the second lie, but again no one cared.

The Guardian’s newest lie is that that Julian Assange secretly met with Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort in the London Embassy in 2013, 2015, and 2016, in order to “get Trump elected for Russia.” (Trump did not announce his candidacy until 16 June 2015.) This newest lie is tied into the worn-out Russia-gate hoax, which no one cares about any more. The Guardian is coordinating its newest lie with all the US corporate new outlets.

(If the corporate media outlets all repeat the same lie, then the lie must be “true.” Right? Anyone who questions the lie, or asks for proof or evidence, must be a “conspiracy theorist.” Right?)

The US, UK, and Ecuadorian governments are frustrated. They have taken away Assange’s phone and Internet, and have forbidden him from having any visitors, including his lawyers, but still Assange won’t surrender. What will it take to break him? Quiet threats against Assange’s mother? Special drugs that disorient Assange so that he wanders outside where the police can grab him?

The CIA wants Assange’s head. Recall that in March 2018 Wikileaks released thousands of pages of CIA documents describing the CIA’s hacking tools and techniques. The public learned that the CIA can break into any smartphone, computer and internet-connected television worldwide, while making it look like foreign intelligence services did it.

On 20 Oct 2017, former CIA Director Mike Pompeo claimed that Assange has always worked with (U.S.-supported) al-Qaida and ISIS.™ (!!!)

Trump approves of all this. On 12 Dec 2017 Ecuador granted citizenship to Assange with diplomatic credentials. (The U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office, obeying US orders, refused to recognize Assange’s diplomatic credentials.) US Vice President Pence flew down to Ecuador and ordered the government to revoke Assange’s citizenship. Ecuador’s government immediately complied.

The IMF is helping out. The fall in oil prices has hurt Ecuador’s economy (which uses U.S. dollars). The IMF has offered loans to Ecuador, on the condition that Ecuador’s government goes full neoliberal, and also hands over Assange.


George Galloway: “The Guardian is important because it still has a patina of liberal progressivism to some poor fools.”

The Guardian is a trashy online tabloid. I don’t know of anyone who believes it anymore.